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Departing from Istanbul

It is a very dynamic camp that enables young people to look at life from different perspectives and guides the transition from consumption to production. It is a special experience that every young person has to live with live presentations, games and drama workshops with role models and experienced coaches.

Leadership Camp will come with a completely different!

Leadership Camp is a program focused on learning and development by experiencing different life experiences for high school students aged 14-17. The main purpose of the camp is to show the true face of today's world hidden by popular culture to the campers and to guide them on their way to life. The contents of the camps are prepared by a young team with a history of camping between the ages of 25 and 45 who have recently gone through similar processes and are updated every year with the participation of new campers.

In the trainings and activities carried out in the camp, activities are carried out to improve the questioning and analyzing aspects of young people. Interactive activities are carried out in order to give young people the positive habits they need throughout their lives such as living in harmony with nature, gaining social responsibility awareness, reducing consumption habits, moving away from social media and screen addiction, increasing interest in sports and cultural activities.

Another important goal of the camp is to guide the campers to plan for the future, set goals and career. Instead of determining a department according to the university exam score, interviews and practical activities are held to discover oneself and talent, to specialize in areas that are talented, to dream and to pursue dreams.

Leadership Camp Program, social life and professional careers; Specially designed for young people who want to take part in projects that require leadership skills such as entrepreneurship, management, coaching, team captain or group leadership.

Camping Facility and Accommodation

Nature camps take place in the camp center specially designed for the campers of Gazella Resort in Bolu Aladağ. The camp center is located in the middle of a lush oak forest. The facility was built with an eco-friendly concept without any trees being cut down during the construction phase. The area used as camping center; It is regarded as the greenest facility in the region with its environmentalism, providing a beautiful living environment for animals and providing sustainability. There is a youth camp section specially designed for our campers in the camp facility which is located in an oak forest of 150 acres, 2.5 hours from Istanbul and 1.5 hours from Ankara. There are outdoor trails and team activities around the complex at different levels and levels. Accommodation in the camp is done in comfortable rooms with bath and sink which are prepared in accordance with the camp spirit. Campers are accommodated in groups of 3, 4 and 5 people under the supervision of camp coaches in the resort's stone / tree mix bungalow design rooms reserved for campers.


Workshops, outdoor activities, exploration routes, canoe, team games, using compass, orienteering, trekking, night hiking, knot techniques, tent building, campfire, drama studies, advertising and clip shootings, cycling, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming.

Include & Exclude


Full board accommodation

Domestic flights

Airport transfers

TÜRSAB travel insurance

Trainings and on-site activities

Technical equipment, safety equipment (helmet, seat belt, etc.), camp special award and certificate.


Off-site activities and canteen shopping

Personel Expenses

International Flights

Turkey Visa

Additional Services


Gazella Resort Hotel



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